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Saving energy in your home

There are many different ways to reduce your household's energy use, some of which are very straight forward.

Read our top tips on how to conserve energy in your home below:

Are your appliances on stand-by?

Simply turning off lights or appliances when you do not need them can make an impact in reducing energy costs. For example, do you leave your television on standby when you go to bed or go out for the day? Leaving an appliance on standby will still use energy. According to TheGreenAge, if your television is 10 years or older, it can cost around £15 per year extra when left on standby.


Your home should already be fitted with energy saving light bulbs, however by getting into the habit of turning lights off when you leave a room, a family could save between £50 - £90 per year according to npower.


When heating your home, ensure that all radiators are clear of washing or furniture to allow the room to be warmed effectively. By reducing the temperature in your home by just 1°C, you could reduce your heating bill by up to £85 each year (according to npower). Please note, the recommended temperature is 18 -21°C, and 21°C for young children and older persons.

Washing machine

Have you explored your washing machine's settings? Many will have an eco option, low temp option or even a 'half load' option for small amounts of clothes. Washing clothes at 30 degrees rather than 40 degrees can be a third cheaper, meaning savings of up to £52 per year, according to MoneySuperMarket. Running a hot wash occasionally will help to keep the machine clean however.

Draught excluders

Not every home will be completely airtight, and draughts are common in older homes. Purchasing a draught excluder to help block these out can help keep heat in. These can be purchased from most value home stores.

If you have any top tips for saving energy in your home, let us know by clicking here.

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