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Staying warm in winter

Here are some helpful tips on how to stay warm during this winter weather...


Heat your home to at least 18°C as consistently as you can. During the day, try to heat the living room to slightly more. Ensure to get your heating checked if you are not certain it is working properly.


Keep your bedroom windows closed at night and ensure your bedroom temperature is around 18°C. Sleeping with windows open in the cold weather can increase the chances of illness and chill the whole house too.


Draw the curtains at dusk and keep doors closed to block out draughts. Get an old towel to block the bottom of the doors if its still a bit draughty.

Vulnerable neighbours

Don't forget your vulnerable neighbours & relatives. Look in on them to check they are safe, well, warm enough and have good stocks of food and medicine.

Layer up

Layer up on extra clothes if you are still cold. Don't forget to keep your head and feet warm, these are often the first things to get chilly and can effect your whole body temperature.

Eat well

Hot meals and drinks will help to keep you warm, so eat at least one hot meal each day and have hot drinks throughout the day too. Having a hot drink before bed and keeping one in a flask by your bedside will help to warm you from the inside out.

For weather updates in your area, be sure to keep an eye on the Met Office website here.

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