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Tips for effective weed control

With the warm weather, comes fast garden growth... Especially weeds.

Read the latest tips on effective weed control in your garden, to help you stay on top and keep your garden looking great.

Weed seeds

Sadly, most gardens contain many weed seeds, however most of these are hidden deep in the soil. It is only those seeds within the top inch or two of soil who get enough light to trigger growth. Therefore, digging and cultivating your garden can bring these unwanted hidden seeds back to the surface. Dig only when you need to and always fill the disturbed spot with plants or mulch to prevent any weed growth.

Cut off the heads

If you can't remove the weeds, the best thing to do is to cut off their heads. Cutting back the tops of weeds such as bindweed, will reduce reseeding and forces the plant to use up their valuable food reserves, meaning their spread will then be limited.

Weed when wet

Weeding after rain or just after you have watered your garden will make it much easier. With soft soil, it will allow you to ensure you have pulled out the whole weed, roots and all, to make sure it doesn't grow back.

Little and often

Rather than spending a whole day weeding, and getting a sore back, pick them little and often. Weed your garden for 5-10 minutes every other day or so to keep on top of it.

Tough weeds

For the extra stubborn weeds, a cost effective killer is to give them a dose of vinegar. Not all vinegar will work however, you will need vinegar with at least 20% acetic acid which you can then dilute up to 50% with water. Simply put in a bottle and spray the weeds as and when you come across them.

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