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I'm dreaming of a green Christmas...

We often consider how to best save money at Christmas time, but what about saving energy?

There are plenty of ways to stay warm and be more eco-friendly this winter, here are a few:

Close the curtains at dusk in all rooms

This will prevent heat escaping through windows as the temperature drops. Draft excluders are also a great way to keep the heat in and the cold out, just place at the bottom of any drafty door.

Don't leave windows and doors open unnecessarily

Shut outside doors properly to reduce draughts and keep the heat inside.

Keep furniture away from radiators

By keeping radiators clear, this helps to improve air circulation. Don't hang towels or clothes over radiators and make sure the area under radiators is completely clear. Not only does this help with cost saving, keeping radiators clear from wet clothes also helps to prevent condensation and mould in your home. Read our preventing condensation tips here.

Lighten the load

Have you changed all your light bulbs to low energy ones? Bulbs now come in a variety of shapes, sizes, fittings and prices. If the average household replaced all their light bulbs, it would save around £30 a year, a total saving equating to the price of a Christmas turkey!

Quick Christmas cocoa

These easy-to-make marshmallow snowmen float in a mug of hot cocoa for an adorable and tasty winter treat...

What is stir-up Sunday?

What has a silver coin, a wishbone, a thimble, a ring and an anchor got to do with a Christmas pudding?

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