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Ending a tenancy

Ending a tenancy during COVID-19 government restrictions

In line with the latest COVID-19 guidance, people who wish to move home can do so. Those who identify as clinically extremely vulnerable are able to move home. However, they should consider their personal situation and the circumstances of their move and may wish to seek medical advice before deciding whether to commit to or go ahead with a move.

You can read the government's full advice on moving home during coronavirus here.

Ending a tenancy

You can end your tenancy by giving the relevant notice in your tenancy agreement, usually 4 weeks. This will commence on the Monday following the receipt of your request.

Please send notice via email to:, you will receive confirmation that this has been received and the date that the tenancy will end.

During the notice period

Our voids team will call you to discuss the property condition and provide advice on what is required of you before moving out.

We will visit to fit a key safe on the outside of the property so that the keys can be safely left once you leave.

When tenancy ends

Please leave your keys in the key safe, do not post to us.

If you are unable to leave the property due to issues relating to COVID-19, then please contact us immediately. Rent will continue to be charged until you have left the property and the keys are deposited into the key safe.

Ending a tenancy if someone has died

Please contact us immediately to discuss your circumstances. Rent will continue to be charged until the tenancy is ended, so please make contact with us as soon as you can.

Ending a tenancy under normal circumstances

Returning your home to us

If you're moving out of a Selwood Housing property, there are five steps you need to follow to ensure your tenancy ends as smoothly as possible.

Watch our animation below for details on what to do when you give your home back to us, including information on how to tell us, how to leave the house in good condition and how to settle your account.

A charge will be applied to your account for any repairs that need to be carried out after you leave the property, so ensure you follow the steps outlined to avoid being charged.

For a full breakdown of what you need to do when returning your home to us, visit our returning your home webpage.

Returning your home to us

The five steps you need to follow when moving out of a Selwood Housing property to ensure your tenancy ends as smoothly as possible.

Settling your rent account

Remember that you must settle your rent account with us. Not doing so could affect your chances of securing a home in the future.

If you're concerned at all about these costs, let your account manager know. They can advise you of your options.

Ending a tenancy if someone has died

If a family member has died and you need to end their tenancy, we can help. Download our guide on returning a home after a bereavement. You will also need to complete our tenancy termination form.

Scrutiny review

Our scrutiny team looked at our end of tenancy process for one of their independent reviews.