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Scrutiny team and reviews

About the scrutiny team

Our scrutiny team is an independent group of customers that ensures our services are effective and that the way we work considers our customers' perspectives.

Part of something called co-regulation, the scrutiny team, rather than the government, make sure we are doing what we should be.

The team produces reports and recommendations for service improvements, for our leadership team and our board.

Meet the team

I live in Warminster and have been a Selwood tenant for nearly 6 years.  I joined the scrutiny team in June 2021, I am excited to be a voice for tenants, and to help Selwood Housing improve its services across Somerset & Wiltshire.

Scrutiny team reviews

Up and coming 2023 review

Selwood Housing scrutiny team in a meeting2023

Our scrutiny team have chosen to review our damp and mould services. The team will be taking part in a one-day workshop along with our customers to review our policies and procedures on Wednesday 23 August.

Operational communications review


The scrutiny team have now begun their next review looking into customer communications at Selwood Housing. They'll be undertaking numerous tasks such as benchmarking, interviewing staff, reviewing communications and getting in touch with other customers to have their say.

Beginning of a tenancy review

woman with keys with home keyring unlocking a door2021

Key achievements: All recommendations were taken on board within the review.

The team considered two major pieces of current Government and industry literature, The social housing white paper and Together with Tenants. New training such as autism awareness has been added to our learning and development programme at Selwood Housing, providing new skills to our staff.