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Together with Tenants charter

What is the Together with Tenants charter?

Selwood Housing has adopted the National Housing Federations Together with Tenants charter. This is a national initiative and commitment by Selwood Housing to reinforce and strengthen the relationship we have with our customers.

Why did we adopt the Together with Tenants?

Customer engagement has been at the heart of everything Selwood Housing, and our predecessor WWHS, have done. The charter strongly reflects our existing work and involvement strategy and we believe this will strengthen and reinforce our work with customers.

What's changed?

Although we had already adapted to this strategy, one of the key differences is our scrutiny team now reviews and reports on our progress quarterly. Our scrutiny team are independently minded customers who are already reviewing our services and actively making recommendations for improvements. To find out more about the work they do, visit our scrutiny team page

As this is a national initiative that spreads across other housing associations, we believe we can continuously learn from how they involve their customers to provide a better service.

What are the six commitments?

Our progress

As part of the Together with Tenants charter, we have published our involvement and communities strategy 2022-25.

We will also monitor our progress against the charter action plan and include this in the scrutiny team's annual report.

You can also view all the scrutiny reports below.