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Protecting your health

Asbestos was widely used in building materials and many other products as it was strong and heat resistant.

When asbestos materials age or are damaged, they release fibres into the air. If you inhale these fibres, they can go deep into your lungs and stay there for a long time, possibly causing damage. You may have heard about people who worked with asbestos for many years becoming ill. When you breathe in certain types of these fibres, there is a risk of getting lung diseases, including cancer.

Our asbestos survey

When we carry out major maintenance work in your home (such as replacing your kitchen or bathroom), we will carry out a survey and tell you where there might be asbestos in your home. We will also take samples of this material to make sure that it is asbestos. This will make sure that you don't accidentally damage it.

If there's asbestos in your home

If we find asbestos, we will let you know where it is and will take appropriate action to protect your health. If asbestos is not damaged, you can live with it without it putting your health at risk. This is fully in line with other social landlords and the Government.

Even if there is asbestos in your home, it is not usually a serious problem. Asbestos is only dangerous if it is damaged over time or if it is disturbed by people who are not qualified to work with it.

If you would like more information about asbestos in your home, please see our about asbestos leaflet.

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Our guide – Download our leaflet for more information

Asbestos leaflet, 2.6MB PDF

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