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All of our tenders are now being published on our procurement portal. To view these, please click here.

Selling to us

We purchase a wide range of goods, services and construction works. We have a regular need for responsive repairs and voids maintenance and our repairs and maintenance team deal with these contracts.


As a Registered Social Landlord we must comply with public procurement regulations and laws. This means that we are obliged to advertise across the European Union any requirements that exceed the thresholds for a sub-central authority. As of the 1st of January 2022, the procurement thresholds are £213,477 inc VAT for goods and services and £5,336,937 inc VAT for works contracts.

Value for money

Where it offers better value for money we will look to use agreements already set up by other organisations such as Procurement for Housing (a national housing consortium) and Buying Solutions (part of the Office for Government Commerce).

For other projects (that due to their value do not have to be advertised in the European Union such as cyclical painting we will run a competition on a project by project basis.

Procurement process

We are looking to make the procurement process as transparent and fair as possible, whilst making it as straight forward as possible for our suppliers. With this in mind, we are reviewing all of our procurement documentation and the processes we use.

To increase competition and to comply with public procurement regulations we will be advertising as many of our tenders on this website as possible in addition to any other publication, such as SIMAP for tenders over the above thresholds.