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Involvement opportunities

Get involved in one of our projects

Getting involved at Selwood Housing means our customers can influence services and make a real difference. It's important our customers share their thoughts, opinions and ideas as this leads to better decision making, improved services and increased satisfaction.

Throughout the year, we have lots of different opportunities for our customers to get involved and we often offer rewards in return. You don't need any previous experience and we have lots of ways for you to get involved, depending on how much time you can spare.

Our involvement projects and opportunities

Please note that all our projects/opportunities are subject to change and may not be open to all customers. Please read the description carefully before registering your interest.

Stronger Communities Fund review

Our Stronger Communities Fund is a grant scheme where we offer funding to projects that benefit our customers and communities. This year we’ve made some significant changes and improvements to the scheme and for the first time, we’ll be opening up the applications to our customers.

We’re looking for 6 customers to help us review our offer. To make sure that it is enticing and exciting, but also fair and accessible. As a thank you, we will be offering                                                    participants £60 in online shopping vouchers. 

When: 18 May 2022, 5:30pm-7:30pm         Where: Zoom online meeting

We Are All Selwood Housing

We are offering you the opportunity to enrol in our customer learning programme called We Are All Selwood Housing which will take place in May and early June.

There will be four workshops across four weeks covering topics such as: history of Selwood Housing, governance, community, services and lettings.

When: May/June 2022

Incentives review

We’re reviewing how we incentivise our customer involvement opportunities. We want to work with you to get your views on whether we’re on the right track before launching our new approach.

Date: May/June 2022

Tone of voice review

As part of our wider branding refresh, we’ll be looking at how we communicate with our customers. We’ll be asking our customers to get involved, so keep an eye out for opportunities through the website and our newsletter.

Date: starting spring 2022