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Customer incentives policy review

Customer incentives policy review

What did we ask?

We’ve been working with customers to review our policy which presents how we incentivise (through offering shopping vouchers) our customers to volunteer their time with us to improve our services.

What did customers say?

We’ve had two conversations with 10 customers who shared their views with us and offered some great ideas on how we could improve our approach.

As a result we now:
  • Give customers the option to have the value of their shopping vouchers credited to their rent account.
  • Offer customers the option of donating the value of their voucher to Selwood Housing's chosen charity of the year.
We’ve also agreed to:
  • Increase our incentives and expenses package that we offer to customers on our scrutiny and horizon customer teams
  • Finalise the incentives offer we make to customers who get involved in one-off projects
  • Finalise our definition of volunteering at Selwood Housing.
What are the next steps?

We’ve now updated our policy to reflect the work we’ve done with customers. We’d like to thank all the customers who volunteered their time with us to share their views and who came up with ideas to help us enhance and finalise our offers around incentivising customer involvement.

Feedback about the process

Project Sponsor - Pete Davies

Bringing this work to our customers to gather their views was the last stage of a 6 month review of this complicated and sensitive area of our business. We believe offering incentives really enhances our customer involvement offer, our customers agree and now we feel confident we’ve got a clear and fair policy which makes good sense.


An open and understanding informal meeting, where everyone had the opportunity to view their opinions

I felt I imparted relevant information and that I was listened to and so was satisfied that it was time well spent

It is always interesting to listen to other tenants' thoughts on processes and meet people from diverse backgrounds.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the programme, or to find out about ways to get involved, contact our involvement team.