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Damp and mould review

Policy and procedure review

What did we ask?

We invited four customers to help us review our damp and mould procedure and principles. Our customers were asked to examine our damp and mould procedure and principles and then join us in a focus group to discuss how we might improve things.

What did our customers say?

Our customers gave us a lot to think about. Below we have summarised the recommendations into 5 points

  • Customers felt that there were a number of acronyms and technical words that were not explained.
  • Suggested changing the language as it sounded accusatory and instead use phrases like “what can we do together”.
  • Suggested that there should be the option for inspections to happen when the customer is not in the property as it can be difficult to be at home during the working day.
  • Customers suggested including the EPC rating for customers moving into a new property.
  • Raised that it would be helpful to have a leaflet specific to that property for people moving into a new home.

What did we do next?

We edited our procedure and principles taking on the feedback from customers and made them aware of these changes. These edits include:

  • Removing acronyms where possible and using plain English.
  • Replacing the word “educate” with “engage”.
  • Changing the format to include “customer responsibilities” and “Selwood Housing” responsibilities.
  • Re-developing the damp and mould leaflet to make it more customer friendly and an easier read.

We’d like to thank all the customers who volunteered their time with us to share their views on how we can improve our damp and mould procedure and principles.

For more information, please contact our involvement team.

Feedback about the process

Inclusion is very appreciated

Instilled confidence that this ongoing problem is now being treated more seriously and logically.

Reassuring and informative

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If you have any questions about the programme, or to find out about ways to get involved, contact our involvement team.