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Our Lettings Process

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If you're new to social housing you may be wondering where to start. Don't worry, we've outlined below key steps in the process as well as links to useful documents and frequently asked questions. If you'd like to find out more email us at dtl@selwoodhousing.com

How do I get on the housing register?

To be considered for social housing the first step is to register with your local council by applying online.

Your application is assessed by the local authority and you will be given an application number. If your application meets the criteria you will be placed on to the housing register.

Ensure that you keep your online account details up to date with your local authority so as not to cause delays later in the process.

How do I then find a home?

Most councils operate a choice-based lettings scheme, where you can bid or express an interest in specific properties. Once your application has been approved and banded, you can bid on particular properties. Bids will then be prioritised and if your name is at the top of the shortlist, your details will be sent to the housing provider.

We will then consider applicants who are 'ready to move'. By this we mean you must be able to pay your rent and manage your obligations as a tenant, as well as move into your home. If you need support from an agency to be 'ready to move' this must be in place when you apply.

Can I not apply directly via Selwood Housing?

No, in order to get on the housing register you must apply via your local council.

Selwood Housing do not keep or maintain their own housing waiting list and in most cases our properties are advertised via the local authority choice-based lettings scheme.

We do sometimes have properties that we can directly let to people with a housing need. These are listed on our direct lets page. These properties tend to have specific criteria for applicants (sheltered housing) or have already been advertised via the local council but are proving more difficult to let.

What checks will Selwood Housing conduct?

Your local council will have checked your eligibility for social housing, however Selwood Housing will also need to check this before an offer can be made, to ensure your status hasn't changed.

The first step is for us to complete a pre-tenancy interview with you, which can take up to 1.5 hours. Following this we will carry out extensive checks with you to assess suitability, ensure that you have the ability to sustain a tenancy and to prevent tenancy fraud. This will include obtaining landlord references and in some cases contacting support agencies to make sure that there is an appropriate support package in place. A financial assessment and credit check will be completed for you as part of the pre-tenancy assessment to determine that you can afford to pay your rent, run your home and honour any other financial commitments.

Once all checks have been completed we will notify you of our decision.

This process can take up to two weeks from your pre-tenancy interview, depending on your circumstances and the information that we need to collect.

Rental Exchange

We've teamed up with Experian to take part in The Rental Exchange. The scheme is a way to strengthen your credit report by us sharing details about the rent you pay on a monthly basis.