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Dog lying on floor Selwood Housing

Pets in your home

Pet permissions

We recognise the benefits that responsible pet and animal ownership can bring, such as enhancing the owner’s mental and physical health and encouraging exercise.

Pets will normally be allowed in all our properties with prior consent, except for flats with the following:

  • communal entrances
  • shared areas or communal facilities (such as a lounge or laundry).

Permission to keep an assistance dog should be granted where a customer requests it, and the dog has been provided by a recognised organisation which is a member of Assistance Dogs (UK). This includes properties where permission to keep a dog would not normally be allowed.

Customers are expected to act responsibly in relation to their pets and animals, and this includes adhering to their legal and welfare obligations.

For more information please read our pets and animals policy.

Want to enquire about pet permissions in your home?

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Read our pets and animals policy

Pet permission form
Are there any shared areas
Have you or any member of your household ever been prevented from having a pet?
Have you or any member of your household ever been prosecuted for any offence against an animal?
Do you have someone who can care for the pet if you go on holiday, or in the case of an emergency such as ill health or hospitalisation?
I / we have read, understood and agree to abide by Selwood Housing's pets and animal policy, and understand that if permission is granted for me to have a pet that I will need to comply with the conditions set out in the permission letter