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Fencing standard

Selwood Housing fencing standard

Complete replacement of front/side/end boundary fences

If a fence requires replacing and the boundary responsibility falls to Selwood Housing, we will: 

  • Replace concrete post and chain link fence up to 1200mm high 
  • In addition to the above where a fence is erected between two attached properties a 1830 x 1830mm treated timber panel shall be provided

Where the boundary responsibility is shared no charge shall be applied to the private owner if the repair/replacement is requested by a Selwood Housing customer.  

If a repair/replacement is requested by the private owner, then an agreement should be sought from the private owner to contribute half the costs. 

Partial replacement e.g. where only a proportion of the fence requires repair/replacement

The repair or replacement should be based on the cheaper of the following two options: 

  • Replacement of the section as per existing
  • Complete replacement with chain link as per above
Discretionary decisions 

Either a Selwood Housing property surveyor or a supervisor/contract management may upgrade the standard in the following circumstances: 

  • If either the tenant or private owner agrees to pay the additional costs then alternative fences may be erected

Note: where additional works are agreed with either a Selwood Housing customer or a private owner occupier their agreement to pay the additional cost must be confirmed in writing prior work starts. 

For more information, please see our fencing and boundary management policy.  

If you need to report a repair or replacement of your fencing, please visit our repairs page. 


Fencing and boundary management policy

Report a repair