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Applying for a transfer

Has your housing need changed?

If you're an existing Selwood Housing tenant and your housing need has changed, this may mean that your property is no longer suitable and you need to move.

Transfer criteria

  • A housing need must underpin your reason to transfer
  • The condition of your existing home must be satisfactory
  • There are no outstanding breaches of tenancy on your current property e.g. rent

How do I apply for a transfer?

You'll need to apply to join the council's housing register, to have your housing need assessed. Your application will then be banded and you will receive an application number. You will then be able to bid for properties that you are eligible for.


I need to move urgently, what do I do?

If you're an existing Selwood Housing tenant with a very urgent need to move, speak to your neighbourhood manager. It may be that a direct let can be made available on the grounds of very exceptional circumstances.

If you meet this criteria your neighbourhood manager will explain the process and likely timescales involved.

Apply for a transfer

Register with your local council for your housing need to be assessed.

Need to know more?

For advice on applying for a transfer please contact the lettings team at

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