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Complaints and compliments

Give us your feedback

If you've had a good or bad experience with us, or have a suggestion that could improve our services please let us know.

We need you to give us feedback, so we can make improvements and deliver a service that leaves you wanting to recommend us in the future.

Use this form to make a complaint, leave us a compliment or submit your suggestions on ways we can improve our services.

Complaints and compliments

Other ways to leave feedback and suggestions


Send an email to complaints@selwoodhousing.com

Call us

Speak to a member of our customer services team on 01225 715 715

In person

Come along to formal meetings, community gatherings, focus groups and meetings on an individual basis. Interested in knowing more? Learn more about how you can get involved.

Write to us

Send your letter to us at our main office address.


Contact us on Facebook.

Satisfaction surveys

We always appreciate the time you take to complete our satisfaction surveys. Learn more about our customer feedback system.


How customers can report concerns of a serious nature

Whistleblowing is when someone reports serious concerns about something that one of our staff, contractors or board members has done or failed to do.

Examples of a whistleblowing concern might be:

  • a failure to meet our legal duties as a landlord
  • a member of our staff engaging in criminal activity
  • a member of our staff allowing children or vulnerable adults to be put at risk of harm.

If you would like to report a serious concern in line with our whistleblowing policy, please read our customer information sheet which provides further information.

Read more about our complaints process

Read our compliments and complaints policy

The Housing Ombudsman's Complaint Handling Code

Complaint handling self assessment