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Grounds maintenance

On this page we want to keep you updated on how we look after the land that we own.

Apart from individual homes and gardens, Selwood Housing also own other areas of land within our communities. We've recently undertaken a project to improve our information about these areas, to support us in maintaining them and the features within them. You can find out more below.

Reviewing our grounds maintenance service

In the past our grounds maintenance service has had to rely on historic information, dating back to 2001, when Selwood Housing Society inherited land and homes from Wiltshire Council.

As part of a wider review, we've recently been able to re-confirm the areas of land we own and are responsible for within our communities. These are separate areas of land to our customer's homes, such as grassland, footpaths and hedgerows.

We have now started work on physically checking these areas; reviewing what features they contain and what their requirements will be. We can then ensure every feature is maintained and planned for.

Grass cutting

We will continue to undertake two grass cuts a month on Selwood Housing owned land, via our contractors Id Verde. These cuts take place between April and October, but this service is weather dependent.

Whilst Id Verde cut grass on our behalf, they also cut grass on behalf of Wiltshire Council. The service they provide to the council is different to ours at Selwood Housing, for example the grass is cut once a month on Wiltshire Council owned land.


We are responsible for maintaining trees on our land, to ensure that they do not pose a health and safety risk to members of the public. There are three ways in which we may treat a tree; pollarding, crown lifting or felling.

We will only treat trees within our customer's gardens that are deemed a health and safety risk, or that are causing damage to property.

As a Selwood Housing customer, if you are concerned about a tree on our land, or within your garden please let us know using the form below.

Do you have a question?

If you have a question about an area of grounds maintenance, we would like to know. You can do this via the form below or call us on 01225 715 715.

Grounds maintenance form

Grounds maintenance form

We are serious about protecting your privacy and promise to store and look after your personal information carefully and in line with UK law and our privacy notice.

Frequently asked questions

Why are grass cuttings left on the ground?

There are a number of reasons why this happens. Two key reasons are cost; it's cheaper for us to manage our grounds in this way and also, leaving cuttings on the grass helps to keep the grass strong and healthy.

It is also worth noting that from a health and safety perspective grass can't be collected if dog fouling is present.

Why can't hedges be cut more often?

We have to ensure that no birds are using any hedge or tree for nesting. This is a legal requirement and may affect how often we cut hedges.

Hedges on communal land are cut twice during the season.

Why are some areas of grass not cut as frequently as others?

It may depend on who owns the land that the grass is part of. Different land owners will have different grounds maintenance plans in place. At Selwood Housing we cut grass that we own twice a month.

All grass cutting is weather dependent. If the weather over the summer months is particularly dry we may reduce cutting frequency to protect the grass.

If you have a concern about an area of grass that hasn't been cut, please let us know using our form below.

Bad weather has meant that land near me hasn't been cut. How long will the grass be left for?

If we have a significant period of rain on a day when grass cutting is due, our contractors have 6 days in which to reschedule this land for cutting. This enables our contractors time to ensure work in other areas isn't delayed.

Looking for tips on caring for your garden?

Visit our tips and advice pages for helpful tips to support you throughout the seasons.

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