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Gardening club

Join our club

The gardening club has been developed to help and support you if you cannot look after your own garden.

You have to pay to use the gardening club and this entitles you to 15 visits per year between March and October. During each 1 hour visit, our grounds maintenance contractor, Idverde, will maintain the following features in your garden:

  • grass
  • hedges
  • paths and other hard surface areas
  • borders
  • shrub beds (weeding and tidying).

To qualify you must get a disability allowance such as a working tax credit (disability elements), incapacity benefit or attendance allowance. You can also join if you have specific special requirements. You will also need to have a clear rent account to join.

Please note, grass cuttings are not cleared as part of this service.

Sign up

For more information and to request an application form to join the gardening club service, contact our customer support team.

How much does it cost?

The weekly charge for this service is £3.71 per week incl. VAT.

This charge will be made for 52 weeks of the year and by requesting this service you are committing to the years total charge of £192.92 (or the number of weeks remaining in the financial year).

All charges will be added to your rent account.