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Priority neighbourhoods


What are priority neighbourhoods?

Two project teams were set up during September 2021 to take forward our approach to priority neighbourhoods at Studley Green (Trowbridge) and Queensway (Melksham). These areas were chosen based on a number of factors, including higher reports of antisocial behaviour and fly tipping.

The priority neighbourhoods project teams incorporate colleagues from neighbourhoods, involvement & communities, caretaking and supported housing.

"Our priority neighbourhoods was a great opportunity to focus on several projects at Studley Green and Queensway over the past year. The chance to meet customers in the community, listen to their feedback and work with partners on local events and initiatives has been hugely positive. I know that colleagues have really enjoyed engaging with customers and being out in the two neighbourhoods."

Jason Humphries

What did the project teams do?

Newly refurbished planters at Studley Green Community Garden

July - September 2022

Key achievements
  • Community impact day at Studley Green, which included a Family Fun day and community garden makeover.
  • Working with Trowbridge Town Council to roll out further Play Street initiatives.
  • Completed approx 30 home visits to give advice and support on downsizing.
  • Successful neighbourhood action day at Queensway, supporting 18 households with the removal of bulk waste.
Face painting at Studley Green community fun day

April - June 2022

Key achievements
  • Neighbourhood Action Day at Studley Green in partnership with the local primary school. 180 students supported the 'Junior Neighbourhood Champions'.
  • Developing community garden with Trowbridge Future.
  • Exploring project with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust at Clackers Brook.
  • Completed a 'Community Door Knock' in Studley Green and Queensway, with 50 Selwood Housing volunteers.
  • Spoke with approx. 260 households at Studley Green and approx. 180 conversations with customers at Queensway. Provided valuable feedback, highlighted ideas for community improvements/events and discussed what makes the areas special.

January - March 2022

Key achievements
  • Community action days planned including litter pick and fly tipping amnesty
  • Established coffee mornings/catch ups at sheltered schemes in Melksham
  • Planned community door knock as follow up to the Customer Conversation 2021
  • Developed relationships with local schools
  • Supported the involvement and integration of the local Community Connector from Trowbridge Futures
Side view of a woman litter picking in her community in the North East of England. She is wearing a high vis jacket and is using a grabber tool to put the litter into a garbage bag.

September - December 2021

Key achievements
  • Priority teams set up
  • Met with key community contacts
  • First neighbourhood inspections
  • Installed 9 cameras in Queensway
  • Approved bike storage in Studley Green
  • Targeted response to clear bags of rubbish and fly tipping

Priority neighbourhoods latest news

Selwood Housing team after clearing out Bradley Road Community garden.

Community garden makeover gets underway in Warminster!

Face painting at Studley Green community fun day

Family Fun at Studley Green

Zoe, community manager at Trowbridge Future standing in front of growing vegetables at community garden

Grow for it gardening club seeks volunteers


Priority neighbourhoods action day