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Priority neighbourhoods action day


Priority neighbourhoods action day   

As part of our priority neighbourhoods offer, the project team for Studley Green in Trowbridge held a community action day on 6 April 2022. 

The goal of the action day was to get involved in our community, listen to our customer's concerns and improve our presence in the areas that need the most attention.

We split the action day into three projects: a junior champions litter pick, skip amnesty and collaboration with Trowbridge Future on a community garden.

Junior champions litter pick

We partnered with Studley Green primary school on a litter pick event involving 180 children. The children were supplied with all their equipment, alongside guidance notes with maps of their routes and risk assessments to follow along. 

The overall event was a huge success, and we heard there was a real buzz in the school. The children took pride in making a difference in their local area and were rewarded with some goodies for their hard work. We were especially pleased to have developed a positive partnership with the school.

Skip amnesty

Before the action day, we asked our customers living in the area if they wanted to donate up to three bulky items. Some of the items donated on the day included sofas, fridges, washing machines and more. This project was a way to promote a clear up for the customers while also helping those who can't get to the local recycling areas to dispose of these items.

Community garden

We had previously reached out to customers living in the area in the hope of finding a group who would want to help bring the community garden to life. We collaborated with Trowbridge Future at the garden area in Kingswood Chase and were able to speak to around 20 people about the project. The hope for this project is that it will lead to a long-term improvement in the community and encourage customers in the area to get involved. A group of volunteers were also recruited to maintain the garden.

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