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Fair Homes Project

"To provide for local people in housing need, because everyone deserves a home"

Real stories from social housing customers

A full-time care worker was living on a friend’s sofa. Selwood Housing provided them with their first home, with a secure tenancy that they could afford.

A family were living in a private rented home. One of the children was in a life-changing accident which left them paralysed. The landlord was unable to allow them to adapt the home and their child was stuck in hospital as they couldn’t be moved to a suitable home.
Selwood Housing acquired the home and worked with agencies to adapt it so the family could have their own suitable home and their child could finally move home with them.

Social housing provided a home for two working parents who were living in an overcrowded house and expecting their second child.

A mum and dad and their two children were living in a one-bed flat. The dad worked but the mum couldn’t due to medical reasons. Selwood Housing provided them with a suitable home in their local area that they could afford.

A support worker working with vulnerable people was sofa surfing. Selwood Housing provided them with their own home and a secure tenancy through social rent.

A nurse living on her own working at a local hospital couldn’t afford to buy her own house or rent privately while also living close to work. Selwood Housing was able to provide her with a suitable and secure home at a rate she could afford.

After a relationship breakdown a single parent needed to find somewhere to live which was suitable for his child to stay at weekends so he could continue to see the child. Selwood Housing were able to offer him a local affordable home so that this could happen.

The Housing Needs Survey

An independent Housing Needs Survey is also being conducted to collect vital information about those in Housing need in the local area.

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Frequently asked questions

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Your feedback on the Fair Homes Project is important to us. Please leave comments and suggestions below and we will respond to any questions as soon as possible.

We are currently in the very early feasibility stage of this project and are still in the process of information gathering for each site. There will be further opportunities for you to comment and provide feedback on this project, including in-person consultations (subject to COVID-19 restrictions) and a formal consultation process organised by Mendip Council.

Online consultation closes on 11 June 2021.

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