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Help paying your bills

Winter fuel allowances

Warm Home Discount Scheme

This is funded by the government but run by your own energy provider. It is available to customers who get the 'Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit' or are on a low income and meet their energy suppliers criteria for the scheme.

The scheme can provide up to a £140 one-off reduction on electricity bills.

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Cold Weather Payment

Additional payment can be accessed if temperatures fall below a certain level. This is run the same way as the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

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Surviving Winter campaign

This is run by the Wiltshire Community Foundation and is a fund made up of donations by customers of state pension age who do not require their fuel allowance.

A partner agency will need to make the application on your behalf (Selwood Housing is no longer a partner agency).

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Social tariffs for broadband

The broadband market offers customers a wide range of choice, with different deals available to suit different needs

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Fuel poverty

A household is said to be in fuel poverty if their required fuel costs are above the national average or if the household is left below the official poverty line after paying for fuel.

There are grants and schemes available to help you cover the costs of your fuel bills.

The energy regulator OFGEM provides information on what to do if you cannot afford your energy bills, click here to find out more.

Breathing space

Breathing space is a government scheme that will give you time to receive debt advice and find a solution to your debt problems. There are two kinds of breathing space.

Under the ‘standard’ breathing space, creditors will have to stop the collection and enforcement of your debts. A ‘mental health crisis breathing space’ can provide extra protection for people who have been in crisis.

Eligibility for the schemes can be found here.

Water debt

More information on how you can manage your water debt can be found here.

Get free and impartial energy saving advice

Warm and Safe Wiltshire offers all residents across the county free and impartial energy saving advice.  Their advice line service is open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. 

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