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Customers and communities

River Warriors: cleaning up our communities

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River Warriors is an environmental group based in Calne that supports wildlife, protects the environment and encourages community engagement. The group is organised by Tamzyn Long, supported by a team of volunteers made up of residents of all ages, including one of our customers.  

The group was named a winner in the environmental category at the BBC Make a Difference award's on Sunday, 26 September.  


To hear a bit more about what the group do, we caught up with one of our customers, Leigh, who's worked with the group since 2021, and Tamzyn herself.   

I contacted the River Warriors about 18 months ago when we were having some flooding issues on the estate where I am. From investigating, I discovered the flooding issues were caused by an old willow tree that had fallen and was blocking the brook. I then contacted the environment agency who came to chop the tree down and left all the parts lying about. I thought, what could we do with the leftover logs? 


I contacted the River Warriors and together we created the log circle. With the rest of the logs, we developed them into bug hotels. From here, I've done other little things with Tamzyn.

Leigh, Selwood Housing customer


What I do because my time is quite limited, I keep an eye on the circle and the estate itself. So regular rubbish pickups, tidying up the area and keeping a general eye on it. I do this because it's about taking pride in where I live. To be honest I would love to be able to give more of my time to the River Warriors community programs.   


Have a look at your area, and pay attention to where you live. Speak to Selwood about a community grant, look at things you can do just by going for a walk. Picking up some rubbish, cutting back a grass area and generally looking after the environment. 


Do you fancy becoming a River Warrior volunteer?

Give their Facebook page a follow to find out about upcoming events: https://www.facebook.com/riverwarriorscalne