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Tips and advice

Are you scam aware?

Stay scam aware

Customers sometimes contact us to ask if a call or text they received claiming to be Selwood Housing was genuine or fraudulent – a scam.

Unfortunately, there are a growing number of scams where the caller claims to be a member of staff at an organisation. Criminals might use this tactic to trick people into sharing personal details like passwords over the phone, or to persuade them to click a website link to make a payment.

Selwood Housing will never send a text message asking you to make a payment, so please do not click any links – simply delete the message.

If you receive a suspicious call claiming to be from Selwood Housing, please hang up. To check whether the call was genuine, contact our customer support team who can advise further.

Unexpected visit to your home from a utility company? Always insist on seeing official ID and if the visitor can't supply it, ask them to leave. You can also check if the company has a permanent business address and landline phone number. Report any suspicious incidents to the police.

Any visits to your home by our repairs and maintenance team will always be pre-booked by our planning team and confirmed with you in advance. All our staff members are required to wear an official Selwood Housing ID badge when visiting customers.

Visit the Action Fraud website to read further useful tips about reducing your risk of doorstep fraud.