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Air Source Heat Pump FAQs

Air source heat pump outside a white house

On this page you'll find answers to some commonly asked questions about air source heat pumps and how to run them effectively.

What is the best way to use my air source heat pump unit?

Set a temperature that you're consistently happy with (usually between 18 and 22 degrees). The air source heat pump will regulate your home to be at this temperature. If you prefer a cooler house at night-time – programme the unit to reduce the temperature by a couple of degrees. Do not programme a large reduction in temperature because it will not be cost effective for the unit to heat itself back up again.

Why does my unit have smoke/steam coming from it?

If this is during the winter months, it is likely that your unit has frozen and it is running a defrost cycle. During these times, steam will come off the unit and it could appear like smoke.

What can I do to maintain the unit outside?

Ensure that leaves and other debris do not gather at the rear of the unit. Do not install trellis or other garden furniture in front of the unit as this would not help the pump run efficiently.

My radiators aren't hot, what should I do?

Radiators with an air source heat pump will not get hot. They should feel warm to the touch.

I'm going away on holiday – how do I turn the air source heat pump off?

There is a holiday mode you can leave the pump in. Do not turn the unit off and it would not be cost effective to restart the pump.

Close up of someone adjusting temperature control for their air source heat pump heating system

Air source heat pumps: how to control the temperature of your home