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Changing your light bulbs, tubes and starters


If you are changing a bulb in an overhead light, please take care to stand on a suitable, stable and secure step ladder to prevent any falls.

Choosing the right light bulb

Purchasing a more expensive and higher quality light bulb will be cheaper in the long run, as these tend to last longer and are less likely to blow.

Click here to view a tips page on choosing the right light bulb by Which?.

Changing a fluorescent light starter and tube

Fluorescent lights are commonly found in kitchens and garages, providing a good quality light source. View the steps below to discover how to change the fluorescent light starter and tube.

Replacing the light starter

Older fluorescent lights are likely to be fitted with a light starter. These starter batteries can be purchased for around 60p from most DIY stores.

Step 1: turn off your electricity at the wall.

Step 2: make sure you use a steady step ladder to stand on when replacing the light starter, to ensure you do not fall.

Step 3: locate the starter at the end of the light fitting.

Step 4: remove the starter by twisting and then pulling it out of the fitting.

Step 5: simply insert your new starter with the two prongs entering the fitting first. You will need to push and twist at the same time to ensure it is secure.

Replacing the tube

Step 1: turn off your electricity at the wall.

Step 2: make sure you use a steady step ladder to stand on when replacing the tube, to ensure you do not fall.

Step 3: remove the outer casing by lifting away the end of the fitting. Put the casing somewhere safe for the time being to prevent it from becoming damaged.

Step 4: remove the tube using both hands by gently twisting 90 degrees. Pull one end straight down to free it from the socket, then lower the entire bulb and place in a safe place for disposal.

Step 5: to fit your new bulb, put the short metal prongs located at the end of the bulb, into the fitting and twist the bulb gently by 90 degrees.

Step 6: refit the casing and test the light to ensure it is working.

How to change a bayonet light bulb

It is very common for a light bulb to blow in your home, and these can be easily replaced. When changing a light bulb, ensure that the light is switched off at the wall and that you handle the bulb carefully.

Play the video below to view how to change a bayonet light bulb.

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