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Keeping your house and fixtures and fittings clean

Shot of an unrecognizable man doing household chores

Everyday cleaning is important and helps to create a healthy home. Cleaning surfaces often can keep germs at bay. Germs can be easily spread throughout the household which can suppress the immune system and cause illness. A clean home also benefits mental clarity and deters stress, as well as improves indoor air quality.

Watch the handy videos below on general cleaning in your home.

General cleaning tips

How to clean windows

How to clean your washing machine

7 easy cleaning hacks for your home

Kitchen cleaning tips

4 clever kitchen cleaning hacks

How to deep clean your oven

How to clean tiled floor

Bathroom cleaning tips

How to clean grout

How to clean your shower screen

How to clean your bathroom in 5 minutes

Man's hand adjusts the heating boiler

Repressurising a heating system

Denim  and white  curtains  with ring-top rail

Supplying and repairing curtain fittings

A young woman is standing in the kitchen with a burnt cake and burnt oven gloves

Preventing fire damage