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Maintaining your garden


Maintaining a garden is enjoyable and has many health benefits. It is easy to spend hours in the garden; therefore, it is best to do little and often where possible.

Homebase have created a Garden Diary, highlighting key garden jobs to do month by month to help maintain a healthy garden. View the Garden Diary playlist.


Garden lawns generally do well without needing too much attention, however they do benefit from general lawn care such as removing weeds and moss, grass cuttings and sowing grass seeds.

Click the video below for advice on how to care for your lawn.

Pruning tree branches

Pruning the branches on small trees helps to promote healthy growth. You should only remove dead or broken branches, as well as those that cross or rub each other.

Try to avoid pruning young or newly planted trees as they will need as many leaves as possible for good root growth.

If you have a tree in your garden that you are unable to prune, you will need to employ a private gardener.

If you have a tree in your garden that is dangerous, we may assist you but you will be charged. Please contact us using our appointment form or call on 01225 715 715.

Trimming hedges

Hedges are a great natural way to define boundaries and house wildlife. To keep them tidy, at the right size and remaining healthy, it is important to trim hedges.

Please note, you should not trim hedges between March and August due to nesting birds. Nesting birds are protected by law during these times.

Read advice on how to trim a hedge and the tools to use.

Gardening club

The gardening club has been developed for our tenants, to help and support you if you cannot look after your own garden.

You have to pay to use the gardening club. It entitles you to around 15 grass cuts a year, and hedge cutting twice a year. These will be carried out between April and September each year, providing there are no birds nesting. You will need to have a rent account with no arrears to join.

To qualify you must receive a disability related benefit. Read more about our gardening club.

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