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Celebrating positive results in the 2023 Investors in People Survey

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We're delighted to share the results of our recent 2023 Investors in People Survey. The results reflect our commitment to investing in our people and creating a thriving and supportive workplace environment.

All staff were given the opportunity to complete this interim survey which has allowed us to see how we're progressing and identify ways in which we can improve how we manage, develop and lead our staff. We're pleased to have received an overall benchmark score of 705 this year, an improvement of our score of 698 in 2021.

At Selwood Housing, we pride ourselves on making a positive impact, by being a local provider of social housing and long-term partner and investor within our communities. The survey results reinforce this, with 76.2% of our people feeling that we contribute positively to society.

Our clear values and well-defined objectives have strongly resonated with our teams. 84.3% of staff agreed that Selwood Housing has clear values, while 76.2% say that they have well-defined objectives. We know this clarity and direction provides a solid foundation for our staff.

Empowering and engaging staff from teams across the business is a key priority for us. We're delighted to see that 77.5% of our staff believe their roles enable them to work well with others, and 78.5% feel trusted to use their initiative in decision-making; fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.

Our commitment to effective performance management is evident in this year's survey results. 86.5% of respondents have had their performance reviewed in the last six months, and we will remain dedicated to supporting our staff to grow and thrive in their roles.

While we celebrate the positive outcomes from this year's survey, we also recognise the importance of continuous improvement and look forward to using the results and feedback gathered in the survey to improve how we manage, develop and lead our staff. One area we aim to improve is our approach to recognising and rewarding high performance, as highlighted in the survey.

We want to thank all our staff at Selwood Housing for their participation in the survey and their continued commitment to making Selwood Housing an exceptional place to work.

To find out more about what it's like to work at Selwood Housing, visit our careers webpages.