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Additional security at home


Additional locks and bolts

If you would like to install additional locks and bolts to your home for added security, you are able to do this at any time, or if you would prefer a locksmith to do this, you can find a local locksmith.

Security chains 

Security chains are a good way to add extra security to your home and are straight forward to fit. There are a range of different styles, and instructions on the packaging may vary.

Watch the video below on how to install a security chain.

How to fit a spy hole

It is important to ensure that when fitting a spy hole, that it is installed correctly. If there are any gaps around a spy hole fitting, it could allow water to enter your property.

Watch the video below on how to install a spy hole.


Grass clippings – good for your lawn

Clearing autumn gutter blocked with leaves by hand

Clearing gutters, gullies and drain covers of leaves and debris

Dustbin isolated on blue background

Refuse bins