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It is important that you regularly check the condition of your home appliances. Electrical appliances, plugs and cables that are old or poorly wired can be dangerous, and pose a serious fire and shock hazard. Look out for damaged insulation, overheating of cables and/or damp conditions.

Plugging too many power cables into a socket can result in the socket becoming overloaded, overheating and catching fire. Extension leads and plug adaptors are common in many homes however, take care not to overload them and note how many amps that particular extension lead or plug adaptor can take.

Don't take risks with cables and leads; check if the leads are:

Frayed and damaged. Make sure the outer covering of the wires or sockets are in good condition. These will need to be replaced if any fraying or damage has occurred.

Positioned carelessly. Ensure that no wires or sockets are located near water, cookers, other heat sources or where someone could trip.

Placed under rugs or carpets. Do not put leads where they can wear through without anyone noticing, such as under rugs or carpets.

If the damaged fitting is something that Selwood Housing Group has fitted, please let us know. You can report this via our repair appointment form, or by calling us on 01225 715 715.

If the damaged fitting is for something you have installed, you must employ a qualified electrician to attend. Find a qualified electrician.

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Supplying and repairing curtain fittings

The circuit breaker board. Selective focus.

Resetting your residual current device (RCD) on your consumer unit

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Preventing fire damage