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Replacing pull cords


Overtime, pull cords for light or electric shower switches can become discoloured or broken through daily use, and can be replaced quickly and easily by you. New pull cords can be purchased from most DIY stores at around £3-£4.

To replace the pull cord, follow our simple steps below.

Step 1: first ensure that you are stood on a secure step ladder.

Step 2: identify the clip at the top of the string, close to where it enters the switch on the ceiling.

Step 3: unclip the old pull cord and discard.

Step 4: take your new pull cord and simply clip into the fitting.

Step 5: test that your new pull cord works and that it is fitted securely.

If the switch itself is no longer working, you can report this through our repair appointment form or by calling on 01225 715 715.

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