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Resetting a tripped switch


If your power cuts out suddenly, it may have been caused by a tripped switch. This is something that you can easily reset and should resolve the power cut.

Fuses are normally the reason for a tripped switch, because either the circuit is overloaded or there is a faulty appliance. Follow the steps below to reset your trip switch.

Step 1: unplug all appliances.

Step 2: open the cover on the consumer unit to expose the trip switches. If this is mounted high up, ensure you have a secure step ladder for safety.

Step 3: examine all the switches, they should all be in the 'on' position. If there is a switch in the 'off' position, simply push the trip switch back up.

Step 4: plug the appliances back in one at a time. This will help identify the cause of the trip, and if there is a faulty appliance.

Step 5: once you're happy that your electricity has returned to normal, close the cover on the consumer unit.

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