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Installing and moving meters

Close-up of a electric meter

Installing meters 

If you would like a new energy meter installed into your home, you will need to contact your energy supplier directly.

Contact British Gas

Contact EDF Energy

Contact E.ON

Moving meters 

You may wish to move your meter if you are finding it hard to access or read your meter. It is illegal to move your meter yourself, however who does the work will depend on how far you would like the meter moved and the reason behind relocating it.

If your meter is inside your home, your energy supplier may be able to move this up to 90cm. This does depend on certain factors however, so please contact your energy supplier for specific details.

If you want to move your meter further, you will need to contact your gas network operator. Your gas network operator will charge you for this work, and the cost will depend on the meter location and the operator.

Man's hand adjusts the heating boiler

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