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What to check if you lose heating or hot water – Baxi Duo-tech boiler

Boiler pressure gauge

Check out our guide on the steps to take if you lose heating or hot water due to an E119 fault code on your Baxi Duo-tech boiler.

  • First, check your thermostat is up to 30° and your programmer is set to 'ON'. 
  • Check the display on your boiler for an E119 fault code – if it displays this, it's possible you have low pressure. Check the pressure gauge, if it is down in the red section or on zero, you have low pressure.  
  • Look under the bottom right-hand side of the boiler. Only use the two quarter turn handles on the right hand side. Do not touch any of the handles at the back.  
  • Turn the first handle a quarter turn towards the back of the boiler.  Then, turn the second handle a quarter turn so it is in line with the pipe above.  
  • Keep an eye on your pressure gauge and watch the needle go up. This can be slow, so please be patient. 
  • Once the pressure is at 1.5 bar, turn the handles back to their original positions.  
  • Check the pressure gauge to make sure it's in the green. If your boiler is still showing an E119 fault code, turn the left switch to ‘R' and then back to its original position. 

If you are still having issues with your heating or hot water, give us a call at 01225 715 715 or visit our request a repair page.


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