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Supplying and repairing TV aerials and dishes

A classic TV antenna on a roof top.Similar from my portfolio:

When moving into a new property you may need to purchase a new TV aerial. The type of aerial you require will depend on various factors such as how close you are to a transmitter and the terrain of your area.

Watch the videos below from Which? on how to choose and set up indoor aerials for Freeview TV.

How to buy an indoor TV aerial

How to set up your indoor aerial

Outdoor aerials are difficult to fit and will often need to be installed by a professional. One of the best ways of determining what size aerial you will need is to look around your neighbourhood and see what other people are using and what direction they are facing. Find a professional to install an outdoor aerial.

If you are having technical difficulties with the TV aerial, box or dish in your home, you will need to contact your service provider who will be able to help.

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