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Nursery garden gets a makeover

Nursery garden with toys and equipment for children

Selwood Housing was pleased to be able to support a local nursery garden makeover, making the area accessible for all children.

The YMCA Brunel Group (based in Bath) has several arms including health and well-being, supported housing, youth work, back-packers hostels and a group of childcare settings. They pride themselves on being a fully inclusive organisation and aim to make a difference to all the children they serve.

The group has two nurseries in Trowbridge, and both are in deprived areas; with a number of families living with disadvantage and poverty. They work closely with the local district specialist centre and a high percentage of children come to the nursery with additional needs. These can range from delays in speech and language development to complex global needs. They work with all children to help them catch up and to give them the best possible start in their educational journey.

Selwood Housing were delighted to be able to provide grant funding to block pave a gravelled area of the garden at the YMCA Green Shoots nursery in Studley Green. One child had been unable to access the area due to having a walking frame and children with additional needs were also mouthing the gravel.

The grant funding has now opened up this part of the garden, providing a smooth surface and an area for those children who need smaller, quieter spaces to play in.

Sarah Clover, of YMCA Brunel Group said:

The children delight in the transformation and the staff are pleased to have a space where they can support the children’s development and meet their individual needs. Thank you to Selwood Housing for this support.

The nursery garden before:
The nursery garden after works were completed: