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Funding and communities

Our work

Our business has a positive impact on people, homes, and neighbourhoods. We are committed to this ethos and support local community groups and partners to deliver projects and service for the benefit of our customers.

Stronger Communities Fund

Selwood Housing's Stronger Communities Fund is a grant scheme aimed at improving the lives of our customers and the communities where they live.

Our grant funding can be used to cover the whole cost of a project, or as a contribution towards a larger cost. We generally distribute small grants but will consider applications requesting a maximum of £2000. 

Applications must be for projects that can evidence a benefit to our customers or a community initiative in one of our neighbourhoods.

To be considered for funding, your project must also deliver at least one of the following benefits for Selwood Housing customers:

  • To provide relief, support or essential goods for those in need due to poverty.
  • To promote tolerance, understanding and respect between diverse groups within our communities.
  • To involve more people in local decision-making.
  • To involve more people in the life of their community.
  • Strengthening existing community groups and supporting the formation of new ones.
  • To help people to learn new skills or improve existing ones, thereby fostering self-reliance, confidence, and independence.
  • To improve the appearance of the local area and/or make it a better place to live in.

If you feel you have a project that fits the above criteria and would like to apply for funding, please complete the application form below and email it to makeadifference@selwoodhousing.com.

Application open window

Applications for Selwood Housing funding can only be submitted during the months listed in the table below.

Application window opens Application window closes
1 September 31 October
1 December 31 January
1 March 30 April
1 June 31 July

Match funding grants

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Stronger Communities Fund 2023-24 overview

Our 2024 projects

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Our 2022 projects

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Our 2021 projects

In 2021, our Stronger Communities Fund supported various projects, including a community-led talent show, refurbishment of the Trowbridge Town Hall and a lantern parade. We also fitted a new heating and hot water system in a local pre-school.

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Our 2020 projects

During the pandemic, our Stronger Communities Fund continued to support local projects. We provided funds to Group 5 to support vulnerable families, local food banks and secured £35,000 to purchase new devices to support education and access digital learning. We also invested funds to revamp a local skatepark to provide young people with free and accessible space.

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