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Customers and communities

Customer satisfaction with our services

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Listening to our customers is an essential part of improving and delivering our services. As well as our Rant & Rave SMS tool, we run quarterly customer perception' surveys by phone to understand what customers think of our homes and services. The survey results help us see how we're doing and where we need to make improvements.

Survey results

Our June perception survey results found that 87% of customers were satisfied with the overall service we provide. The same number were satisfied that their homes were safe, and 84% said their homes were well-maintained.

Feedback on our repairs service was also very positive and has improved since the previous survey. Where customers had received a repair in the last 12 months, 82% were satisfied with the service and 85% said they were happy with the time taken to carry out a repair.

Customers also said that we were easy to deal with (92%), treated them fairly & with respect (86%), and made a positive contribution to their neighbourhood.

There were two areas where customers were less satisfied – how we deal with anti-social behaviour (65%) and our handling of complaints (41%). While both are issues that are often difficult to resolve to everyone's satisfaction, the feedback in this survey will help us identify where improvements are needed.

Next survey

Our market research company, Acuity, will conduct the next survey in early September. The details below will help you identify a call from them.

What number to look out for?

If you receive a call from Acuity, the number displayed will be 01273 093939, it's a Brighton area code.

When might I be called?

Acuity will make calls between 9am and 8pm, Monday to Friday, and between 10am and 6pm on Saturday.

If you are one of the customers contacted, we hope you'll be happy to take part – your feedback is vital. The survey results will be reported to the Regulator of Social Housing in 2024, and you will be able to see how we've done.

To let us know about a good or bad experience with us, or to suggest an improvement, please use our feedback form.

This article was also shared with customers in August's customer update.