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Damaged bathroom sink


Chips in porcelain sinks can easily occur and are often the result of something being dropped into them.

Porcelain repair kits can be purchased from any hardware stores at a reasonable price. Read our tips on how to repair a chip in your porcelain bathroom sink below:

Before you start

Step 1: make sure the area is clean and dry. Open your doors and windows to provide extra ventilation where possible.

Step 2: test the colour of the enamel repair filler on a hidden area of your bathroom sink, to ensure you are happy with the match.

Step 3: lightly sand the damaged area to get rid of any loose bits of porcelain and wipe down with a damp cloth.

Step 4: leave to dry before applying any repair filler.


Step 1: squeeze out as much of the filler as you think you require.

Step 2: mix in a small amount of hardener from the porcelain repair kit and keep mixing until it is all blended together.

Step 3: using the applicator provided, or a DIY spatula, pack the filler into the chip, leaving it slightly raised above the surface.

Step 4: leave to dry for the recommended time on the pack; around 30 minutes.

Step 5: once dry, use brown sand paper to smooth the finish.

Step 6: wipe away any dust and leave to dry.

Step 7: if your porcelain repair kit contains touch-up porcelain paint, shake and apply one thin coat to the filled chip and allow to dry.

Step 8: apply another one or two coats until you are happy with the result.

Step 9: ensure to let the area dry for around 24 hours before getting it wet, and a further four days until fully submerging it in water.

If you have a chip in your bathroom sink that you would like us to repair, we can help you but there may be a charge to do so. To find out more, please complete our appointment form or call us on 01225 715 715.

Cracks need to be treated differently to chips.

If there is a crack in any area of your bathroom sink, it may need to be replaced.

You can report this to us via our repair appointment form, or by calling us on 01225 715 715.

If we need to replace your sink, we may replace this with a white unit, if no match to your bathroom suite can be found.

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