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Our executive team

Barry Hughes, group chief executive

Our chief executive is responsible for making sure we deliver against our targets and plans set out by our board of directors. Barry manages the executive team.

Barry has been chief executive at Selwood Housing for 11 years.

Prior to this Barry was finance director for Metro Newspaper and the Evening Standard.

Diane Hall, group finance director

Diane and her team ensure that we get the best value across all our services and have the finances available to support our customers. She is also responsible for ICT, procurement and our independent living services.

Verena Buchanan, group housing director

Verena and her team are responsible for ensuring that our neighbourhoods are great places to live, as well as overseeing a range of tenants services including lettings and income.

Chris George, group asset director

Chris and his team are responsible for the smooth running of all of our repairs contracts and planned works programmes, ensuring our homes are well maintained and meet required standards.

Paul Walsh, group development director

Paul and his team drive forward the development of new homes, increasing both our social housing stock as well as homes that are available to buy under shared ownership. He is also responsible for the marketing and communications team and the involvement team.

Our aim is to build 200 new homes each year.

Ria Bristow, group people director

Ria and her team ensure that we have the best people in the right jobs, and that we offer the right training and support to staff. Ria is also responsible for customer service and health and safety.

Financial statements

Review our latest annual report and accounts.

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