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Water damage to personal possessions can be upsetting. If your personal items become damaged due to a water leak you will need to claim on your contents insurance, unless, as your landlord, we have been negligent in our actions to address any leaks.

Contents insurance covers you against loss, theft or damage to your personal and home possessions. By having cover, it means that if something happens in your home such as a flood, or your washing machine overflows, you won't need to worry about purchasing new items to replace any that have been lost.

As a tenant of Selwood Housing you are able to access My Home contents insurance, a special service for tenants and residents, delivered in partnership with the National Housing Federation. Your insurance payments can be taken with your rent, although you must not have any arrears to access this service.

Read more about My Home contents insurance, what it covers and how to get it.

In certain circumstances, we may take responsibility for damage to a tenant's possessions, such as where damage has occurred as a result of a defect. Please read our claims and goodwill policy for more information on when this would apply.


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