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Walls & plasterwork

Repair Selector - Walls and Plaster Work
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Please note this work normally requires two visits - the first to assess the materials and time required and the second to complete the work.

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This may need monitoring over a long period before work can be done.

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We will make good damaged areas to best match only - not full decoration. Alternatively, we can provide you with decorations vouchers for you to undertake the work.

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We will normally offer decorations vouchers to cover the cost of redecorating. Alternatively, we may make good the damaged area, but to a best match only, and not a full decoration. Make sure you insure your own possessions. We do recommend a home contents insurance cover, which you can find out about here. Please notify us as soon as possible once you spot a water leak.

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Visit our tips and advice page

It may be that the repair you need, is something that you can fix yourself. Visit our repairs tips and advice pages for information on how to carry out repairs that you are responsible for.

Repairs tips and advice pages