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Pest control

Find our new repairs tips and advice articles on pest control below. Discover information and easy to follow steps for repairs that you can do in your home.

Dead patches in garden lawn

Controlling and preventing damage from leatherjackets


Pest control in your garden


How to get rid of ants, fleas and ladybirds in your home


Birds nesting in your home


Wasps nesting in your home

house-mouse-gets-into-room-through-hole-in-wall-picture-id526538639 (3)

Rodents in your home or garden

If you are in need of a repair and can't find what you're looking for here, visit our 'request a repair' pages. We can then provide the correct advice, for the issue at hand.

Repairs tips & advice

Our repairs tips and advice pages cover all the types of repairs you're responsible for as a customer.

Repairs tips & advice

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Our repairs service

Read more about our repair response times and how we prioritise repairs.

Our repairs service

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