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Past involvement projects

Past involvement projects

Thank you to those who have taken part in our projects, we really value your input and views on how we run our services. Find out more about the recent projects we've been working on below.

Unacceptable behaviour policy review

March 2024

On rare occasions, we face complex situations where a customer’s behaviour towards Selwood Housing becomes difficult to deal with. As recommended by the Housing Ombudsman, we are creating a new policy to guide us and our customers in handling such situations. 

The customer complaints forum and six customers who took part in our focus group reviewed the content for the policy and shared valuable feedback and recommendations.

All customers who are subscribed to the monthly Make a Difference newsletter have been invited to answer a few questions to complete the review.

More details to follow.

Tree policy review

February 2024

Five customers took part in an online review to provide their valuable feedback and recommendations for our tree policy.

They received a copy of the current policy and were asked to review Selwood Housing's procedures for clear and understandable explanations around the maintenance of trees located in gardens.

To complete the review, all customers who receive the monthly Make a Difference newsletter were asked to complete a short survey to ensure we have a wider representation of customer views.

More details to follow.

Reporting a repair review

September 2023

We invited seven customers to a focus group to provide valuable feedback and share their recommendations on how we communicate the process when reporting a repair. 

Equality, diversity and inclusion customer policy review

July 2023

We invited five customers to review Selwood Housing's customer equality, diversity and inclusion policy.

Five sections of the policy were selected, and our customers provided feedback and recommendations on clarity, simplicity and inclusivity.

Lettings policy review

March 2023

We invited six customers to review our lettings policy and to comment on themes that had been presented to us over the previous 18 months: domestic abuse, direct lets and non-traditional households.

Pets and animals review

February 2023

We invited five customers to take part in our pets and animals review.

Our customers were asked to examine our policy and guidance and then join us in focus groups to discuss how we might improve things.

Learning about 'value for money'

October 2022

We invited four customers to meet with our finance director to learn about 'value for money', why it's important and how it governs the way we do business.

Lettable standards policy review

September 2022

We invited six new customers to talk to us about their experiences with moving into their new property.

We wanted to find out what is important to customers to help us update our Lettable Standards policy.

Enhanced Landlord Scheme review

August 2022

We've recently reviewed our Enhanced Landlord Service. Over the last few weeks, our sheltered housing customers have had the chance to have their say about the current service they receive.

Damp and mould

July 2022

We invited four customers to help us review our damp and mould procedure and principles. They were asked to examine our procedure and principles and then join us in a focus group to discuss how we might improve things.

Customer incentives policy

June 2022

We've been working with customers to review our policy which presents how we incentivise (through offering shopping vouchers) our customers who volunteer their time with us to improve our services.

We Are All Selwood Housing

May and June 2022

Eleven customers participated in our customer training programme called We Are All Selwood Housing. The programme was offered in person and online.

There were four, half day workshops covering topics such as the history of Selwood Housing, governance, community, services and lettings.

Learners increased their knowledge of social housing, how we operate and were encouraged to apply to become part of our board or scrutiny team.

Stronger Communities Fund review

May 2022

We invited five of our customers to help us review our Stronger Communities Fund.

Our customers were asked to research our offer and then join us in a focus group to discuss what they found and how we might improve things.